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An installation, a toy, and three web experiments — ​in varying sizes, shapes, and colors.
1. PolyTimes

An interactive, parametric installation that allows people to create and save generative art using hand gestures (tracked via Leap Motion sensor). 

Exhibition / Pearl Academy, Delhi (See 50-sec video below)

Tech / Rhino, Grasshopper, Firefly, Python, HTML, CSS, JS

Date / August 2019

2. Kinetic Toy

A barrier-grid animation toy, translating mechanical motion to optical illusion through laser-cut gears.

3. Bucket List

A simple website that randomizes a bucket list of my favorite drama movies. It makes the process more intuitive by using the 'spacebar'.

4. Letter Jump

A fun challenge to animate interactive letters with a single line of javascript code and CSS keyframes.​

5. Wes Timeline

​Wes Anderson 's quirky movies translated to a quirky timeline. With cursor-following text shadow and parallax effect at play.

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