Hello, nice to see you here!
I'm Jazer Chand, an explorative designer. While expanding my understanding of visual design, I read about 'diagnosing first, prescribing second' — this pushed my process towards a cohesive user-centric method. I research, articulate, and craft thoughtful interactions, and aspire to create interfaces (beyond screens) that impact people positively, by synthesizing strategic innovation and understandable emotional design. 
Next to my work, I enjoy talking about Wes Anderson movies and watching elegantly scripted dramas. Recently, I started learning how to play some blues on the keyboard, while being surrounded by my brush pens.
I'm based in New Delhi, with bachelors in Communication Design from Pearl Academy, with Interaction Design as my focus.
If you would like to discuss or share feedback, feel free to get in touch.
+91 8689002123

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